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The Medicine Shoppe


Client Testimonials

“Quinpool Road Medicine Shoppe is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. Anastasia Hanias and her informative professional staff bring the small town warm friendly feeling to the big city. It is evident when you walk in the door that they are interested in you and not just your business. The multitude of health services Anastasia offers shows that she is aware of both young and older health needs. Customer service is a priority from the comfortable seating area, blood collection services or a fifteen minute conversation.

You are never made to feel that a question is not worth asking and is always answered honestly and fully. The Medicine Shoppe has surpassed my expectations of what a pharmacy should be.”SR.

“Due to a lot of sensitivities I had to go outside the province to get my medications compounded. I decided to seek out a local pharmacist that I could rely on and thankfully found Anastasia and her staff. I didn’t just find a pharmacist but a friendly knowledgeable young woman more than willing to accommodate my needs with expertise and efficiency.

I always hear “hi Margaret” as soon as I enter the Shoppe. A nice personal touch so rare anymore, it makes one feel comfortable and acknowledged. I have and will continue to recommend the The Medicine Shoppe, Quinpool Rd. Halifax. Thank you for providing a much needed service in my community. My best wishes for a long and successful future.”MB.

“I have always been pro-active with regard to the management of my health. Long disabled with multiple chemical sensitivities as well as being afflicted with (bi-polar) disorder has made it tremendously more complicated.

A year ago, on the advice of my best friend, I walked into the calm of The Medicine Shoppe and was greeted by Anastasia. Immediately I was struck by this woman’s intent focus and generosity of spirit. It was clear to me then that we would be able to work together to meet my needs and achieve my goals.

Many days I come in with rush orders and last minute changes. When one thing didn’t work we tried another till we got it right. Sometimes a doctor would have to be consulted. And I am also aware that there were days that must have stretched out long into the night behind the counter working on some challenge or another while family life went on without her.

Additionally and unexpectedly we have also forged a wonderful relationship of which I am reminded every time I walk into the calm of The Medicine Shoppe to be greeted by Anastasia and her remarkable assistant Sharon.”JT.

“The Medicine Shoppe was a hidden treasure. I was so happy to find a pharmacy that could cater specifically to my needs and pharmacists that truly took an interest in my health and have successfully guided and advised me of all my options. They work tirelessly to help me attain balance with bio-identical hormones and patiently tweak these formulations so that I can function optimally in day to day life.

I have suffered immensely since beginning menopause and most professionals have thrown their hands up in frustration. Not Anastasia. She calmly and respectfully answers all my questions and really listens to how my body is reacting. She does all that I could ask and more, with genuine concern and caring. She has guided me to having my hormones tested, which I did as I don’t doubt her insight. When the results were submitted it gave us a true picture of why I have been having such extreme symptoms.

What I most appreciate about Anastasia is her human approach. I am never left feeling like there is no hope for improvement; like my issues and opinions have no value. The entire staff is of like mind. I would recommend The Medicine Shoppe to all my friends and acquaintances and believe me when I tell you that I have hit a lot of walls with this issue and it took a lot to trust that anyone would be interested in helping me improve my health. This is the first time I have felt throughout menopause that what I think and feel is just as important as others opinion.

Another thing I like about the pharmacy is that they will always look for a natural alternative to your situation. They will delve into and study your issue in order to give you the most educated of opinions. They check and double check. I have had success with many of their products, melatonin for sleep, vitamins and minerals that have aided in fatigue, formulations for digestions. If something doesn’t do it they will go back and check again until they get the answer that is right for you.

Frustrated, hopeless, unheard, medicine does not have to be like that and isn’t at The Medicine Shoppe.”DM.

“Do you remember a favourite store you shopped in with your mother when you were young? Where they knew your name and they genuinely cared about you? Well that is the Medicine Shoppe on Quinpool Road in Halifax, NS.

Anastasia’s gentle manner and her kind words make you feel cared about. Her staff care too. Each staff member takes time to answer your questions, and never is a question too silly or embarrassing to ask and have answered. Please visit the Medicine Shoppe and see for yourself. I guarantee you will get results for your health and you will feel better.”LS